Sour Cream Short Crust Pastry

Sour Cream Short Crust Pastry

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27cm x 27cm x 4mm

Product Description

We love this pastry; it’s no ordinary shortcrust, enriched with sour cream it has a gorgeous flaky texture and is super versatile, perfect for everything from sausage rolls to fruit pies.
Sold Frozen. Some defrost may occur in transit.

Producer Description

Carême was founded in 2005 to supply an artisan range of high-quality, preservative-free butter pastry products to home cooks, chefs and the food service industry. Our premium pastry is made using traditional methods with all-natural ingredients that create an unparalleled flavour, texture and lift.


Flour (Wheat), Butter (Cream (Milk)), Sour Cream (20%) (Cream (Milk)), Salt.