Assorted Macadamia Chocolates by Django Macadamia

Chocolate Macadamias Gift

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Product Description

Smothered in Milk, White, Dark Chocolate and Lemon Myrtle, Django has put together an eclectic mix of Creamy Australian Macadamias coated in fresh flavour. These hand made Macadamias are the perfect gift.. if they last that long.

Producer Description

The Django Macadamias team has come together to produce unique, creative and (most importantly) delicious food. They believe in sustainable and regenerative forms of agriculture, and have made it their mission to create Macadamia products that  promote the role of native Australian crops in a more sustainable and prosperous future.


Macadamia Nut, Chocolate (Dark (70% Cacao), Milk (38% Cacao), White (28% Cacao), Toffee (Raw Cane Sugar, Butter, Vinegar), Davidson Plum.