Classic Christmas Collection

Classic Christmas Collection

Koko Black
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Give them a taste of all things merry with our classic collection of mixed chocolate favourites. With an assortment of festive blocks, bites, pencil tins and dotties to make all their Christmas wishes come true. Perfect for all your brightest stars.

Producer Description

Koko Black is all about blending ideas and ingredients with mastery, to create unexpected signature chocolate experiences. A company built out of passion, they've been bringing out the best of the best since 2003.


  • Silly Snowmen & Topsy Trees | Milk & Dark Chocolate
  • A Spectacle of Speculoos | Dark Chocolate Block
  • Classic Christmas Pudding | Milk Chocolate Block
  • A Jar of Stars | Milk & Dark Chocolate
  • Magic Pudding Bites | White Chocolate
  • Falling Star Pop Dark Chocolate
  • Caramelised Coconut Dotties Cube | Milk Chocolate
  • Prancing Prawns Triplet | Milk Chocolate