ABC Nut Butter by Noya

ABC Nut Butter

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Product Description

A perfect combination of smooth and crunch; Noya Nut Butter ABC will give you something to sing about! You’ll love the velvety, smooth texture from the AB, the crunch from the C. And the rhythm kick in when you sing, “1,2,3” and “do, re, mi”.

Producer Description

For over 20 years, NOYA nut butters have been spread on toast, dolloped on pancakes and dipped with apples (and sometimes just the spoon) by people who know what goodness tastes like. These naturally nutritious jars of nut butter are made with nothing more than naked nuts; cracked, blended and bottled to create addictively delicious and naturally nutritious nut butters like no other.


Almonds, Cashews, Brazil Nuts (Lightly Dry Roasted).