Activated Charcoal & Quinoa

Activated Charcoal & Quinoa

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There's a depth of flavour to match the looks. Earthiness from the charcoal, quinoa seeds and buckwheat flour is balanced with the sweetness of Malfroy's gold honey.

Producer Description

The philosophy is simple. Nonie's Bread want nothing less than a revolution for gluten free foods. For too long, it's suffered a bad reputation. Nonie's is here to change that, with their handmade, artisanal and small batch bakery.


Water, Rice flour, Tapioca flour, Potato flour, Quinoa (flour and seeds) (9%), *Linseed, Buckwheat flour, Sunflower oil, Malfroy's Gold honey, Activated charcoal (.85%), *Psyllium, Salt, Yeast.