Freeze Dried Apple & Strawberry Happles

Freeze Dried Apple & Strawberry Happles

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Product Description

The Batlow Happles fun starts with hand-picking fresh Batlow apples straight from our orchards. Chopped into bite-size pieces, the apples are freeze dried, blasted with strawberries and pack in all the nutritious goodness.

Producer Description

Batlow has a long and proud history of producing Australia’s favourite apples since 1922, and is an integral part of the Ausfarm Fresh Group. While Batlow has a rich heritage steeped in the tradition of apple growing, we now offer a delicious range of fresh produce and fruit-derived products to the world – all proudly Australian grown on Australian farms.


Fresh apples that are sliced and freeze dried Strawberry berries that are dried and milled to fine powder Apple juice concentrate, 70 brix diluted to 50 brix