Garlic Herb Bagel Toasts by Valley Produce Company

Bagel Toast Garlic Herb

The Valley Produce Company
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Product Description

Mmm it's basically like garlic bread...just in a super crisy bagel toast form. We're not complaining. 

Producer Description

The Valley Produce Company has become famous for producing the world's finest artisan crackers and fruit pastes. Established by a small dedicated team of passionate foodies, the company started as a small cottage business selling its crackers and fruit pastes at the local farmers markets in the Yarra Valley, in the heart of Victoria's premier wine growing country.


Wheat Flour, Canola Oil, Water, Salt, Rice Flour, Gluten, Bakers Yeast, Herbs, Vegetable Powder, Dehydrated Vegetables, Flavour Enhancers, Acidity Regulator, Bread Improver, Anticaking Agent, Herb Extract.