Crispy M&Ms

Crispy M&Ms

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A spin on the O.G. Crunchy and crispy, it's the chocolate you know and love. Say no more.

Producer Description

Fact time! Did you know M&M's were first introduced for soldiers in the Spanish Civil War? The chocolate was coated in a hard shell so the chocolate wouldn't melt in warm weather.


Milk Chocolate 69% (Sugar, Milk Solids, Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Butter, Vegetable Fat, Emulsifiers (Soy Lecithin, 476), Salt, Flavours), Sugar, Rice Crisps 8% (Rice Flour. Sugar, Barley Malt Extract, Salt, Glucose Syrup (Sources include Wheat)), Starch (Sources include Wheat), Glucose Syrup (Sources include Wheat), Colours (171, 129, 102, 110, 133), Vegetable Gum (414), Thickener (Dextrin). Glazing Agent (903), Peanuts.