Forest Fruit Jam

Forest Fruit Jam

Drunken Sailor Canning Co
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Product Description

This is not your everyday assorted berry jam, it's the forest fruit jam of your dreams. Your toasted sourdough will be taken to the next level with this strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, black currant and blackberry combo.

Producer Description

Drunken Sailor Canning Co. was created over a couple of bottles of wines on a winters night in 2013. A combination of flavour and fun, Drunken Sailor Canning Co. is about bringing a bit of humour to the table with their small batch goodies, that are often infused with some sort of alcohol.


60% Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackcurrant, Blackberry, Blueberry, 40% Sugar, <1% Pectin, Citric Acid.