Indian Pilau Rice by From Basque With Love

Indian Pilau Basmati Rice

From Basque With Love
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Product Description

Let's take a trip to India and get those senses tingling, because you're about to go on an aroma rollercoaster. In less than 20 minutes you've got a solid base for a next level Indian curry.

Producer Description

From Basque with Love was started with the dream to handcraft delicious, natural, healthy and easy to prepare meals for every pantry in Australia. They gather the freshest locally sourced vegan ingredients to blend their delicious and easy meal kits. And trust us, you'll recognise every ingredient on their labelling. It's just fresh, good food.


Basmati Rice, Cashew Nuts, Sultanas, Garlic, Shallots, Salt and a Secret Blend Of Indian Spices.