Milk Bath Brew Bags

Milk Bath Brew Bags

Peggy Sue
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3 x 50g Tea Bags

Product Description

Do you enjoy slowing down from the busyness of life and soaking in a relaxing warm bath? Then meet our Milk Bath Brew Pockets! AKA 3 giant tea bags for a relaxing bath.T hey infuse the bath water with botanical goodness to create a fun and relaxing bath experience, leaving your skin feeling revitalised and silky smooth.

Producer Description

Peggy Sue Co is an ethical Australian brand, run by women and made for everyone. All their products are made right here in Australia with the aim to help you feel beautiful and loved, the natural way. Like you, they are also incredibly passionate about their role in caring for this beautiful earth, which is why we strive to be a brand that is as natural and sustainable as possible.


Coconut Milk Powder,  Cocoa Butter, Lavender