Reaper Hotsauce

Reaper Hotsauce

The Fermentalists
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This little devil of a hot sauce is only for the brave hearted, the ones that are looking to turn their spice levels up a notch. Made with Carolina Reapers, the chillis used in this lovingly handmade, small batch and lacro-fermented hot sauce are 20 times hotter than the habanero chillis. You may need a towel for this one, you could end up sweating up a storm (the good kind of course). Before blending, the vinegar is soaked in toasted French oak barrel chips which just adds to the flavour punch. All of these dripper bottles of hot sauce goodness by The Fermentalist are naturally fermented and made only with the realest of ingredients. There's no sugar, instead they're full of beneficial living bacteria!

Producer Description

Small batch, lacto-fermented hotsauce made and bottled by hand in Sydney.


Carolina Reaper chilli, organic apple cider vinegar, garlic, Himalayan pink salt, xanthan gum.