Ulu Hye Almond Mylk Base Gift

Ulu Hye Almond Mylk Base Gift

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If there's one thing you need in your pantry at all times, it's this Almond Mylk Base by Ulu Hye. This creamy mix is the perfect addition to your breakfast cereal, coffee or brownie recipes! Packed with all the natural goodness you could hope for, this nut alternative is a hot favourite. All it takes is a spoonful of your desired serve and water for blending. 1 minute later you've got a fresh and wholesome batch of homemade plant based milk!

Producer Description

Born from humble beginnings on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Heidi and Vasia are the first movers and shakers to introduce a world first homemade nut milk base to your day-to-day living.


Raw Almonds (min 96%), mesquite, arrowroot, macrobiotic sea salt.